Himpunan Industri Pengolahan Kelapa Indonesia (HIPKI) was initiated by several companies that have long been in the coconut processing industry in Indonesia. This initiative is inseparable from the fact that so far there has not been a single organization that specifically accommodates the existence of coconut processing industry players to fight for the interests of the national coconut processing industry, both inside and outside.

The background of the birth of HIPKI is also inseparable from the shared awareness that the challenges faced by the Indonesian coconut industry community are increasingly complex from time to time. On the inside, the uncertainty of the availability of raw materials and supply for the long term is a serious challenge for the sustainability and sustainability of the Indonesian coconut industry in the long term. In addition to the absence of a regulatory instrument to regulate the trade system for the export of raw coconut fruit, at the same time the productivity of coconut trees continues to decline due to aging and the conversion of land for coconut plantations to other plantation commodities, especially palm oil.

Another challenge that is also shared is how to find a model of cooperation between the coconut industry community and coconut farmer communities through a more proportional partnership because of the dependence on raw materials that are fully supplied from the farmers' gardens.

Meanwhile, the challenge to exit is the low competitiveness of the Indonesian coconut industry with other coconut producing countries. Likewise, the low bargaining position in various international institutions in the field of coconut development, which so far is still dominated by other coconut producing countries, which ironically has a smaller coconut plantation area compared to Indonesia.

HIPKI was established in Jakarta based on Deed number 01 dated August 13, 2014 by Notary Lukas Halomoan, SH and legal entity ratification through the Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights No. AHU-00763.60.10.2014, dated 26 November 2014. With legality that is recognized nationally, HIPKI can position itself as a partner of cooperation with all parties, both inside and outside.


Rawa Bebek Street No.26
Gedong Panjang, North Jakarta